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Nigeria election triggers deluge of ‘fake news’ on social media- Aljazeera

Experts and activists say political actors have expanded the scope of misinformation ahead of the 2023 general elections in Nigeria. Exclusive News Lagos, Nigeria — Since last November, Felix Oyewole has watched an avalanche of political content descend on his social media newsfeed ahead of Nigeria’s forthcoming presidential and parliamentary election on February 25. These days…
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China dubs US ‘master of bullying’-RT News

The Chinese military spokesman considers the US “the least qualified country to blame others” Exclusive News The United States is “a…

Pelosi "The response of America and our allies will be severe"-RT News

The senior US lawmaker said the West must not be deterred by Russian ‘threats’ Pelosi’s remarks amid the escalating war in Ukraine…

Service chiefs in Nigerian forced into retirement by the president

Bola Tinubu has demanded the immediate retirement of all service chiefs, including the police inspector general Exclusive…