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The United Arab Emirates has lifted a 21-month long visa ban on Nigerians.

In a significant development for travelers and businesses, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has lifted a 21-month visa ban on Nigerian citizens. This decision marks a pivotal moment in the bilateral relationship between the two nations and is expected to foster renewed economic ties, tourism, and cultural exchange. Background of the Ban The visa ban was initially imposed in 2021 amid rising…
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China scrambles for Zimbabwe’s lithium

China is actively pursuing Zimbabwe’s lithium resources, recognizing the strategic importance of this mineral in the global transition to clean energy. As demand for lithium skyrockets due to its critical role in battery production for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage, Zimbabwe’s rich lithium reserves have become increasingly attractive. Key Factors Behind…
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Gambia’s parliament upholds ban on female genital mutilation

Gambia’s parliament has upheld a ban on female genital mutilation (FGM), marking a significant step forward in the country’s efforts to protect women’s rights and health. This legislative action reflects a growing recognition of the harmful effects of FGM and the need for social change. Key Points: Legislative Context: The ban reinforces existing laws aimed at eradicating FGM…
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Protests escalates again in Kenya

Unrest in Kenya has escalated again, driven by a combination of political tensions, economic challenges, and social grievances. Protests have erupted in various regions as citizens voice their frustrations over issues such as rising living costs, corruption, and electoral integrity. Key Factors Contributing to the Unrest: Economic Strain: Many Kenyans are grappling with inflation and high…
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At least eight killed in shootout during Somalia prison breakout attempt

A violent shootout erupted during a prison break attempt in Somalia, resulting in the deaths of at least eight individuals, including prisoners and security personnel. The incident occurred at a high-security facility in [specific location] on [specific date], highlighting ongoing security challenges in the region. Details of the Incident Eyewitnesses reported that armed inmates attempted to…
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Kenyan police arrest suspected serial killer

In a recent operation, Kenyan police apprehended a suspected serial killer linked to a series of violent crimes that have shaken local communities. The arrest followed an extensive investigation that involved community tip-offs and surveillance efforts aimed at identifying the perpetrator. Background The investigation began after multiple reports of disappearances and violent incidents in…
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Desperate Zimbabweans Crossing The Zambian Border For Cheaper Healthcare And Medicines

In recent months, Zimbabweans have increasingly crossed the border into Zambia in search of more affordable healthcare and medicines, highlighting a growing healthcare crisis in Zimbabwe and the challenges faced by its citizens. Healthcare Crisis in Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe has been grappling with a severe healthcare crisis characterized by shortages of essential medicines, equipment, and…
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Reasons Why The 2024 South African Elections Were So Important

The 2024 South African elections were particularly significant for several reasons: Democratic Milestone: The 2024 elections marked 30 years since the end of apartheid and the first democratic elections in 1994. This milestone served as a reflection on the progress made and the challenges that remain in achieving the goals of the democratic transition. Economic Challenges: South Africa…
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Service chiefs in Nigerian forced into retirement by the president

Bola Tinubu has demanded the immediate retirement of all service chiefs, including the police inspector general Exclusive…

Russia should ditch dollar in trade with African countries – economist to RT_RT News

Settlements in national currencies are key to boosting commerce, an African studies professor says. Exclusive News Western sanctions have…

African state revokes French company’s uranium mine permit

An African state has made headlines by revoking the uranium mining permit of a prominent French company, sparking a contentious dispute over natural…