Eritrea persecuted relatives of military draft dodgers – HRW- Aljazeera

The rights group said authorities arbitrarily detained or expelled relatives of those who evaded forced military conscription from their homes. Breaking News Eritrea has punished the family members of thousands of alleged draft evaders during a conscription drive intended to bolster its military campaign in neighbouring Ethiopia, Human Rights Watch said on Thursday. Women as old as 71 were…
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Seismologist warns of next massive earthquake-RT News

The Turkish expert claims а large-scale event could soon occur near the port of Canakkale Another magnitude-7 earthquake could soon occur in western Türkiye, warns seismologist Dogan Perincek, noting that it could happen at any moment, according to his observations in the Marmara Sea.   Speaking to RIA News, the expert stated that massive earthquakes happen in the region around the port city…
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Russia sanctions hurting bystander states, claims Ramaphosa- Aljazeera

Sanctions imposed on Russia to stop it acting aggressively, or breaking international law have had devastating impact on the world economy. Russia has banned exports of more than 200 products until the end of 2022, including telecoms, medical, vehicle, agricultural, electrical equipment and timber. In addition it is blocking interest payments to foreign investors who hold government bonds, and…
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