Following a fatal building collapse in South Africa, survivors were rescued, but dozens remain trapped.

As a second night of frantic hunting for survivors began Tuesday, rescue crews looking for scores of construction workers missing after an apartment complex collapsed in South Africa pulled out more survivors. It has been confirmed that at least seven people have died. In George, around 400 kilometres (250 miles) east of Cape Town on South Africa’s east coast, a five-story structure was…
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Ways To Reduce Pollution In Africa

Reducing pollution in Africa is a critical challenge that requires a multifaceted approach involving government policies, technological innovations, community engagement, and international cooperation. Pollution in Africa takes various forms, including air pollution from industrial emissions and vehicular traffic, water pollution from untreated sewage and industrial waste, and soil contamination…
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While peace talks are underway, Israel begins new attacks on Gaza.

Rafah: On Wednesday, Israel attacked targets in the Gaza Strip following its capture of the main border crossing with Egypt, where peace talks were in progress and intended to be the “last chance” to reach a ceasefire agreement. Israeli tanks advanced on Rafah on Tuesday, seizing the crossing that has been the primary route for humanitarian supplies into the besieged Palestinian…
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Kenya get hit by floods

Kenya’s recurring struggle with floods paints a vivid picture of the country’s battle against the forces of nature and its efforts to adapt to the changing climate landscape. Seasonal rains, coupled with poor infrastructure and land management practices, often result in devastating floods that wreak havoc on communities, infrastructure, and livelihoods across the nation. In recent…
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Global food giant issues grim warning-RT News

Nestle expects prices for staple items to keep on rising in 2023 Exclusive News The world’s biggest food corporation, Nestle, has said prices for staple items will continue to grow during 2023, after more than a year of price increases that have forced the ordinary consumer into an ongoing struggle to buy groceries. The giant increased prices by 8.2% last year, but says this was not…
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Seismologist warns of next massive earthquake-RT News

The Turkish expert claims а large-scale event could soon occur near the port of Canakkale Another magnitude-7 earthquake could soon occur in western Türkiye, warns seismologist Dogan Perincek, noting that it could happen at any moment, according to his observations in the Marmara Sea.   Speaking to RIA News, the expert stated that massive earthquakes happen in the region around the port city…
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