Premier League set to lose $53 million by canceling Russian TV deal-RT News

The English top flight will reportedly scrap its agreement with Match TV

The Premier League and its clubs stand to miss out on £43 million ($54 million) when they cancel a three-year television contract with a lead Russian broadcaster this week, according to reports.

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The Daily Mail claims to have learned that the English top flight will tear up its agreement with Match TV –which was set to start in August for the upcoming season – when clubs meet at the AGM in Harrogate, North Yorkshire on Thursday.

The Premier League was said to be delaying a decision on its relationship with Match TV due to the remote possibility of a negotiated settlement and the time before the new deal was set to commence.

Yet with the ongoing Russia’s military operation in Ukraine termination of the three-year arrangement looks set to be finalized in the next few days. READ MORE: Premier League and EFL suspend Russian TV deals

Amid UK sanctions on individuals such as former Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, who had his assets frozen for his alleged connections to President Putin and sold the club last month, the Premier League had already suspended a previous deal with Russia’s Rambler Media in March.

This paid just £6 million ($7.5 million) a season, but the Premier League and its clubs are walking away from a far bigger sum of $54 million over three years by rejecting Match TV.

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