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Many understand they are not getting the kind of reporting that they should, the Pulitzer Prize winner has claimed

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Not a lot of real journalism is currently happening in America or internationally, veteran investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has said on ‘Direct Impact,’ broadcast on RT.

“The class of people, who believe in journalism… doesn’t seem like a class that exists today,” Hersh lamented during the show, which aired on Saturday.

One of the reasons why that happened was because Donald Trump “scared the living hell” out of the liberal media, he told host Rick Sanchez.

The Pulitzer Prize winner recalled that his bombshell report blaming the administration of US President Joe Biden for sabotaging the Nord Stream gas pipelines last fall was simply ignored by the likes of the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC.

However, the same outlets have been promoting a story alleging that the sabotage was carried out by a pro-Ukrainian group with no connections to the governments in Kiev or Washington.

This narrative “is falling apart,” but the media sticks with it “because the US knows who did it. They know the president [Joe Biden] did it,” Hersh insisted.

According to the journalist, if the reporters in the White House press corps were willing to find out what actuality happened to Nord Stream they would ask Biden or his press secretary one simple question: “Have you guys ever done… an all source study of who blew it up?”

With the “incredible” level of US intelligence, “we could’ve had an answer to that story in a few days,” he said. “But of course, nobody has asked [such a question] and the White House isn’t going to do it because they know who did it.”

“There’s a lot of journalism that isn’t going on right now, not just in America – this is an international thing. Many people around the world understand that they’re not getting from the American press the kind of reporting they should get,” especially on the conflict in Ukraine, Hersh said.

“If you read the NYT you would think that the Ukrainian army is doing quite well. But it’s going to be [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s call,” the veteran journalist pointed out, adding that acknowledging the situation on the ground didn’t make him a supporter of the Russian president.

READ MORE: US trying to ‘cover up’ Nord Stream sabotage role – Seymour Hersh

Watch the full program for more of Hersh’s conclusions on the Nord Stream sabotage and how the story could affect Biden’s bid to stay in the White House in 2024.

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