Upcoming Elections For Cameroon: Road To Free And Fair Polls

As Cameroon approaches its upcoming elections, there is a palpable sense of anticipation mixed with hope for a process that is truly free, fair, and reflective of the will of the Cameroonian people. The road to achieving such elections, however, is fraught with challenges that the country must navigate with diligence and determination. One of the foremost challenges facing Cameroon in its quest…
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John Steenhuisen: The man vowing to rescue' South Africa with the DA

South African opposition leader John Steenhuisen believes he has what it takes to eventually become president. That is despite coming up against the thorny issue of race and the African National Congress’s 30-year grip on power. For decades, he has argued that his party, the Democratic Alliance (DA), is the key to South Africa’s progress. The centre-right movement emerged from…
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The presidential election in Chad is underway.

In Chad, the presidential election that is meant to bring an end to three years of military rule began counting on Monday night. But it escalated into an extraordinary confrontation between the junta’s leader, General Mahamat Idriss Déby Itno, and his Prime Minister, Succès Masra, a former foe who became an ally. A voter named Fougap Kayap Sougou commented on the atmosphere, saying…
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