Dozens dead and injured in Sudan conflict

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The national army and RSF paramilitaries are fighting each other for control of the country

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Over 50 people have reportedly been killed and nearly 600 injured in fierce clashes between rival factions in Sudan, as the country’s army and Rapid Support Forces continue to accuse each other of sparking the bloodshed, while making conflicting claims on their gains, as reported by RT News.

According to the latest estimates by the Central Committee of Sudan Doctors, cited by Reuters, at least 56 people had been killed and another 595 wounded as of Sunday morning. Another medical union, the Sudan Doctor’s Syndicate, previously told AP it was unclear how many of the victims were civilians, and warned that the death toll could rise due to “many uncounted casualties” in various parts of the country.  

The row over how the RSF should be integrated into the military, and which authority should oversee the process, erupted in bloodshed on Saturday morning, with gunfire and explosions heard across the capital throughout the day and into the night.

Both sides used armored vehicles and pick-up trucks with mounted machine guns in battles in and around Khartoum, according to dramatic videos. Witnesses also reported seeing tanks and jets, as the military said it launched several airstrikes against RSF positions.

The exact power balance and the situation on the ground remains unclear, with the international community in unison calling for a ceasefire. The United Nations, the African Union and the Arab League have all urged the parties to return to negotiations.

China urged talks between the warring sides to “prevent the situation from escalating,” while the US urged “all actors to stop the violence immediately and avoid further escalations or troop mobilizations.” 

Moscow expressed hope that the conflict will “exit the military armed phase and turn into negotiations between the warring sides” as soon as possible, while urging Russian citizens currently in Sudan to stay at home.

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