Ethiopia will allow foreigners to buy real estate – PM

The recent announcement by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to permit foreign nationals to buy real estate in Ethiopia marks a significant shift in the country’s economic policies. This move, along with other proposed reforms, aims to attract foreign investment, stimulate economic growth, and address the nation’s economic challenges.

Ethiopia, with its population of approximately 120 million, has been facing significant economic hurdles, including inflation, currency reserve shortages, and a high external debt burden. By opening up the real estate market to foreign investors, the government hopes to inject much-needed capital into the economy and create new avenues for growth.

Allowing foreigners to own property and participate in the retail sector signals a departure from Ethiopia’s previously closed economic policies. Prime Minister Abiy emphasized the importance of readiness among business executives to capitalize on these new opportunities.

The pending legislation to permit foreign property ownership is a crucial step towards economic liberalization. It aligns with Ethiopia’s broader efforts to attract foreign investment and promote private sector development. Additionally, the government’s willingness to consider foreign investment in key sectors such as telecommunications, banking, and state-owned enterprises reflects its commitment to economic reform and modernization.

Currently, Ethiopia’s constitution restricts land ownership to the state and its citizens. By revising these laws, the government aims to create a more conducive environment for foreign investment while ensuring that the interests of local communities are protected.

Overall, the decision to open up the real estate market to foreign nationals represents a significant opportunity for Ethiopia to harness the potential of international investment, drive economic growth, and address its pressing economic challenges. As the country moves towards economic liberalization, it is poised to attract greater interest from foreign investors seeking opportunities in Africa’s rapidly evolving economy.

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